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Demonic Satanic Phone Sex

May. 31st, 2009 | 10:14 pm

Well here at Purrfect we do it all. I had a caller call me today KNOWING that I was up for anything he could think of. He is an Army guy and his name is Travis. *waving* "Hi Travis!" He called and said I happened to be the filthy whore he has been looking for. He had already read my blogs and jack offed to my pics. I said "Jesus Christ! I am flattered, you spent a lot of time investigating my ass before you called... I hope you know what you got yourself into. :)" BUT what did I get MYSELF INTO? This call was way more than I believed it to be at the beginning, Travis was dressed up and told me his Mother and Father abused him when he was young. His Father made him suck him off and do some other sordid things. After his Father left the family his Mother jumped him and fucked the shit out of him. So needless to say he is CRAZY about incest. The one thing about Travis.... He is a channel for a succubus, and a evil spirit. He chanted and called forth the father of the dark realm. He made me submit and dress for him and his Father. He tried to bring demons through my mirror, he made me chant and promise to him and Satan that all I would use my bed for was demonic activities. They fucked me with their barbed cock and it hurt like crazy. He took my ass and then my mouth penetrating all of my innocent holes, harshly and like it was Armageddon. He brought the demon forth through my mirror, from the sacred realm of darkness. He taught me to chant and worship the whole time. I had to revere the dark demon and Travis as one. He spoke in tongues and made me do the same, I orgasmed so did Satan. Then he called several dogs forth and made them fuck and lick me. This call was deviant and dark. Thanks Travis it was very different and I hope you call again soon.
OMFG you are not going to believe who phoned me tonight! FROSTY!!! his wife is on vacation and he had the house to himself, along with the house came the panty drawer. Frosty is MY panty boy. I love him and have had him for almost 5 years, I have sent him so many pairs of soaked panties for him to lick and suck! I missed you so much FROSTY!!!!! Thanks for calling and getting off with me! Keep in tough, I know your busy with your girls, but don't forget about ME!!! This is the best fucking job in the world. god I love hearing guy s JACK OFF! dirty DISCREET KENDALL 1-877-717-8007

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Here a FUCK. There a FUCK. Everywhere a FUCK FUCK!

May. 20th, 2009 | 10:20 pm

I gotta phone lover who is very inventive. L cums up with nastier and nastier role-plays EVERY TIME!!! At first we were kind of lovey dovey, but with a spark! Now every time he calls we get nastier and nastier.

Last night we used one of those sex swings, I put on a low rise strap on with a clear dildo. There was a purrfect hole in the swing. I used the electric button and lowered his sweet ass right down on my strappy. The springs attached to the ceiling gave us a fast, horny fuck. He is so fucking sexy! Then he put me in the swing, he tilted it so both my holes could be reamed. He called in 6 big black dicks and they fucked me hard and busy. Over and over again those big purple rods jacked and fucked till all my holes were swollen and full of cum.

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My cock is hard just from IM's

May. 13th, 2009 | 10:17 pm

He say's; I'd love to see how filthy we could get... maybe combine the pups and lil cunts and the shit play. This was after the guy wasn't sure if I would be extreme enough for him. I was able to convince him that I can be.... that I have done demonic extreme phone sex for over 4 years. Our sites and girls are the nastiest cunts out here, all you gotta do is pick up the phone and give us a try. Like I told this dude " I will blow your FUCKING mind!" This was his fantasy, and I bet he has never had a girl say ," ok... cool that sounds fun" after telling them what he wanted. He acted like he thought he would shock me. I hate to sound jaded but I am not easily shocked, and I love what I do, and I FUCKING love it NASTY!!!!! SCAT IS WHERE IT'S AT. I dig ass fucking, kiddie cunt and blasphemy all rolled up in one sweet little fucking terd. Then you can watch me shit it out and fuck my wet cunt with it. LMAO
This is how he asked for what he wanted in Im's; "I am into EXTREME Chat.... piss, shit, vomit, animals, blasphemy, very young etc... would you be interested in fucking a tweenie cunt with a crucifix on a church alter while my furry best friend fucks her lil asshole?" I said "shit motherfucker I do all this shit and more... all before lunch" I am such a badass. Once you go HARDCORE with Kendall, and have a SCAT party with kiddie cunt there's no going back to regular ole phone sex.... NEVER LOOK BACK!!!

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Incest BITCH on Board

Feb. 19th, 2009 | 10:18 pm


F called tonight and his fantasy was that: we walk in on him, my boyfriend (with the 10 inch cock) and I and he is sticking his cock in our Mom's mouth. I was like "F! WTF are you doing?" She was passed out drunk on the floor, her skirt was up and you could see her freshly fucked pussy ooooozzzzing cum all on the floor. I said "you sick little fucker, what are you doing with your dick in Mom's mouth?" He was like "what r u doin home sis?" "you sick little fucker you licked her cunt too?" "NO! She came home full of jizz I was just lookin." I dais "Get down there and eat that jizz outta her cunt!" I made him eat me, and suck off my boyfriend Brad's 10 inch cock. He got so fucking worked up he ended up fucking Moms face like a pussy and had his had on her throat, that foamy spit was cummin up and he pinched her nose shut and killed the bitch! After she was out I let my BF fuck her face while F came all up in Mom's ass. I love our call you perverted little fucker F, your ALMOST as bad as me..... ALMOST!!! Kendall


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Nasty, Nasty, and I loved It!

Jan. 1st, 2009 | 10:19 pm

Larry your one of the most fun callers I have, I love the way you IM'd me while you were at work, in a meeting, and visualizing me on the conference table, on the lazy susan, naked. Being turned and tasted, then double teamed; bareback in both holes.

Jesus that was so fucking hot, just how you strung it out made us think about it and get all hot, then we had to wait for an hour or so till your meeting was over. Then you called and we weaved our fantasy role-play around what just really happened. Your intense and fucking smoking hot!!!! I so dig fucking you! Love Kendall

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Don't hate yourself in the morning.... Sleep till noon.

Sep. 29th, 2008 | 10:22 pm

I am ready for a good, long, slow FUCK! I need a man who will take the time to make me wiggle and squirm. I can think of a few men, I play with on the phone, who make it last and make me juicy!!! I guess I should ask and I'll receive.... Larry.... Edgar... Fred... Boytoy. One of these boy's will call and fuck me tonight if not all of them *giggles* Your filthy little switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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Fun Forth!!!

Jul. 5th, 2008 | 12:11 am
mood: dirtydirty

I have been straight up KICKIN it since last night y’all! So many fun, funky calls. I wanna give some shouts out to some friends and great fucks!!! Hey Larry! I thought you might like these pictures, LOL. I am READY for the chocolate sauce hunny bunny!!! Thomas you like the food to don’tcha honey? Mmmmh that was a fucking phat ass call I had with you last week! I wanna say hi to my new little ass slave Brian, he is such a little ass licking, sexy, pussy cleaning, dick sucking slave! I love these calls we have been doing honey!!! Hi Frosty, and BoyToy, yeah they still call me and we STILL get off together!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful 4th of July! I saw the fireworks and now I’m ready for you guy’s to set off those sparklers in my pussy! OMFG I did the hottest Age-Play call with Geoffrey EARLY this morning, we got so fucking NASTY! I was his little lezbo daughter, I mean young, and I brought my friends home for a sleep over with my Daddy. LOL I was talking in my little girl voice and teaching them how to suck cock, and he was CHOKING them LOL HARDCORE…AGE-PLAY… FORCED…SEX… XxXTREME. Kendall :P

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Panties and Ass!!! Woo Hoo

Jun. 20th, 2008 | 03:42 am
mood: thankfulthankful

So my favorite little panty boy Frosty called and it was so great to hear from him, he doesn’t get the chance to call as often as he used to. He is surrounded by women at home and rarely gets a private moment to stroke his cock off and mess up his panties. But I have said it before and I will say it again; “When the girls are away… the Panty Boy will play!” And we sure did! I mailed him a pair of MY black panties, he didn’t want newer, frilly ones he wanted my older, used ones. He finally got them (gotta love the us mail) and he was very turned on by them, he played with them and smelled them and then he gave me a call and he came in them! Thanks Frosty your my favorite Panty Boy forever! I had so much fun listening to you stroke and cumming those panties all up!

My next panty related call was with my long time lover Ed*@# and he is soooo fun. E and I get into really detailed fantasy, I dressed up in this little garter from Fredrick’s, and the panty hose with a black corset and put an overcoat on so he couldn’t see my outfit. I grabbed my suitcase full of toy’s (yes this is the same E I blogged about over a year ago, when I brought the suitcase to Las Vegas, for those of you who remember) I had the “Famous” suitcase FULL of toy’s and I showed up at his room. He could tell by my hungry eye’s and sexy smile I wanted to disrobe and take over so that is exactally what I did. Before you know it I have E on the bed and I am sucking him and priming his little ass-cunt, and getting him ready for all sorts of goodies in my goodie bag. I fucked his ass with a toy and then I put on my famous strap-on and really had my way with him. This was after he had made me cum of course ;) E is such a considerate lover eating my pussy and worshiping my ass in this beautiful little number I had on under my over coat. I had such fun with you E and you always make me cum so fucking hard!!!! I hope you got some rest and I can not wait to talk with you again!

I am here for all of you dirty little boy’s! I even got to nail my little Boytoy last week! It was a killah week for my sexy sweet little ass-sluts. Boytoy had a plug in and called and we fucked his tight little ass-pussy for a good 25 mins. He came all over his biggest and blackest toy for me too!!! I remember the days when we would make a huge deal about him even getting the “BIG DONG” inside of him now he takes it like a pro!!!! Good job Boy Toy!!! I can’t wait for all of you little sluts to call me and call me soon!!! Your Filthy Nasty Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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May the Luck of the Irish be with ya!

Mar. 17th, 2008 | 06:46 pm
mood: bouncybouncy

Well St. Paddy’s Day always makes me miss Chicago! I love the pub crawls there and the ole fashioned corned beef and cabbage, yummy! But most of all I like to see the river turn green! They have been doing this since the 60’s and it gets REALLY green for anyone who hasn’t seen it. The Irish moved to work in Chicago from New York. A lot of them came and built the subway, the bridges, even the very river that runs through the down town area. I love this town!!! It’s awesome! I hope all you horny guy’s have a Drunkin Assed good time tonight, and call us when you get home, we will be here for you and ready to make you nut!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Filthy Dirty Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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Addictive Phone Sex

Mar. 6th, 2008 | 01:16 am
mood: hothot
music: Maroon 5

This is what he emails me and here is the picture he loves!

I can't get over you...
if i drank I'd b living on the bottom of the bottle over u.
crack maybe whack but it doesn't dull the pain of losing u so y bother :(
gambling ain't the high it use to b ,cause after U what would be as fulfilling
religion don't work either all I get is redemption and it isn't all that its crack up to be
so as I sit here in the middle of the world smallest pity party
all I can say is W H A T T H E F U C K .......................

i can't shake you
so I'm gonna report u to the department of justice for felony theft of my heart and soul.......................
god help u cause crying won't
so I 'LL drown my sorrow in porn
here goes W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a Filthy Nasty Phone Whore!!!! Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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Slutty Boys

Feb. 23rd, 2008 | 02:02 am
mood: busybusy

What is up with these sluts today? Is it a Full Moon? Yeah I think it is! These sluts are going NUTS on me. Jamie my fucking Stink Slut.... You are just plain NASTY you little, funk loving, stinky, hoe! Making me try and fart in your face! Don't you know that girls don't fart? Wanting to smell my pits and my asshole, your a foul little thang! I keep missing My Jeff, my little dildo and future doggie slut, LOL. He likes to pretend he has a pussy and it's gaped and just plain used up. He is a used up bareback slut, who is forced to take doggie cock and that's what makes him nut! I hope to hear from you today, or on Saturday! I know you called when AleXXX had the lines and she is great huh? You horned out sluts! I fucking love it when you call with that throbbing cock (slave tail) and you beg to stroke for me, I want boytoy to call so I can take the strappy to your little ass-cunt. I had Frosty and then I got busy and had my girls fuck the shit outta him, LOL. He still isn't walking straight, huh Frosty?!? He is so silly, he wacked his wennie whilst wearing his Mother-N-Laws panties, LOL. He say's in IM's "Kendall what do you do when you think your MIL is sexy?" Of course I said "try and fuck her or at least get her to suck you off!" LOLOLOLOL Then call me so we can talk about it! Your Filthy Nasty Whore Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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Filthy Nasty Phone Sex

Feb. 12th, 2008 | 03:43 am
mood: amusedamused

This is what I want for Valentines Day!!! A bunch of good and dirty calls! The kind of call that makes me cum and scream! OMG I love VD, as in Valentines Day! It's very sexy and a lot of fun! I wanna say Happy Birthday to Michael, he is a really special friend and I have known him for over 3 years. Thanks Michael for being in my life and "Happy Birthday!" He rarely reads the blog but just in case, LOL. Oh and ty for the Valentines Day Card it was very cute! I love cards with music! Even country. (He KNOWS country music makes my ears bleed!)

I will be here and fucking and sucking for Valentines Day, LOL. I think that is the Purrfect Holiday for a phone sex girl! The Sexy, Lovey, Fuckfest Holiday!!! My kind of day! I am a horny little slut! So call me and fuck me will ya?

I want to say hi to Frosty, and thanks for that sexy call panty boy! I haven't talked with you in a while but I sure did miss you and feel like we picked up right where we left off! Thanks for jerking that big dick for me while you wore your wife's silky panties, LOL your such a little panty perve! I fucking love it! Call me sooner will ya? I really enjoyed our call and I miss you a lot! :)

So hey Dugginator, LMAO my friend Doug's cat emailed me the other day and called Doug my friend "The Dugginator" and that cracked me up. I really don't think it was his cat who sent the email, but IF it was the cat.... WOW, "The Dugginator" has a cool kitty! So Doug do I have to email your cat to get an appointment for you to fuck me? I am ready for you to catch me ridin dirty player! LMAO

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!! Call me and fuck the shit outta me!!!! Then let's cuddle, lololol, that's a idea for a call, a cuddle call, I can see it now, the guy will call and I will say "so what kind of calls do you like?" He say's "a cuddle call, just hold me Kendall. Let's spoon for 30 mins." That would be fun!

Hey Jeffrey call me back this week I wanna stretch your pussy out for VDay! I am going to get your cunt "super fucked!" Then..... I will make you fuck the doggie! :P sorry I missed you last week! Shouts out to all my horned out callers that pay me to nut them off! Hey to David, Michael, John, Bill, Adam, Steve, Jeff, Tony, William, Philip, and anyone else I might have missed! I wanna make you NUT! lol Your Filthy Nasty Switch Kendall1-877-717-8007
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CBT Phonesex

Feb. 10th, 2008 | 12:59 am
mood: busybusy

So BoyToy called me last night and we did our usual, long fuck his ass session! He also called the night before because he missed me and wanted to kiss and worship my sweet little ass. ;) I fucking loved that! Those of you who are familiar with my blog have seen his “toy collection” and in that collection is a pic of his nice piece of “Man Meat!” He stuck HIS dick in there when he was taking a photo of his toy collection. LOL

So BoyToy called the night before and said “is there anything special you want me to get for our call?” “OMG yes! Get a mousetrap” LOL images.jpg

BoyToy called me last night and he was hard and ready to play, it had been a while since he had his little ass fucked nice and hard by me so he and I both were really excited, he had his toy’s and lube and everything we usually play with all ready, and he said “Kendall?… Mousetraps don’t come single in a package, I had to get a pack of 2″ I made him pull his ball sack out away from his testicles and snap that trap on his loose skin, then he put the clamps on his tits, the ones with the chain on them so we could pull them while he played and fucked his ass for me. He was getting really worked up and I remembered he had that “spare” mousetrap ( hehe I know boytoy, he will stroke his cock and forget he is NOT supposed to stroke it, sometimes I rubber band his whole entire shaft up) i told him “open up that mouse trap and slide your cock into it, slowly” He said “it’s to fat to fit” then he forced it in, you see he can’t stroke one off with that on the tip of his cock. Then I made him shoot more lube up his ass and slide in the “big black” dong, I then had him get on the “bouncy ball” (exercise ball) we use to bounce that cock ALL THE WAY IN! He came lie a fucking fountain, and we took off the trap and he stroked out another one for me, he was panting and smiling, :) I missed you too boytoy. Love Kendall1-877-717-8007

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My Rep

Jan. 14th, 2008 | 02:00 am
mood: chipperchipper

It has been a busy weekend! I have had several very FUN calls. Last night this guy calls and his fantasy is that I am a hooker and he picks me up and wants to fuck me in this dirty, nasty, filthy, bathroom. He and I both giggled when we were talking about his fantasy because it sounded like so much fun and something I would do in a heart beat. It reminded me of my friend Don and his fantasy of when I am a little glory hole slut and he makes me suck the used condoms on the ground in the theater, and glory hole booth, LMAO. But back to where I was going, Brian had me up against a dirty, crusty urinal. He was banging my pussy then he fucked my ass while a homeless man stuck his dirty cock in my mouth, it was all about filth and funk! Thanks Brian I told you I would have to blog about that call, I even found a pic of the bathroom. LOL20070404cbgb.png

So tonight I did this really sweet guy and his name was D he was into golden showers and all kinds of naughty stuff! He goes to those Asian massage parlors and gets the “Happy Ending” if ya know what I mean! He calls and is like “Hi Kendall! Man your a dirty girl!” he figured this out by reading my bio…. only. I said you gotta read on honey, there is so much more about how filthy, dirty, nasty I am! I told him about this blog and my Live Journal, dang that is hard core filth dating back to 2005 LOL. He laughed and said he almost came reading the bio, I was like shit we better get started with your call! D ended up pissing on me and fucking my little, ity, bity, pee hole…. OUCH! :)

Ok Studs I gotta get ready to dance tonight, so I am hoping all you big dicked MF’s meet me at the club or at least call me on the phone tomorrow when I get home, dancing makes me so fucking horny! Oh fuck I almost forgot I gotta say hi to some of my callers! Shouts out to: Doug, David, Steve, John, Fred, Frosty, BoyToy, Michael, NOT N.Y.>Michael< this is for you :P! Talk with all you hotties soon! Peace Out! Your Filthy Nasty Slut Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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CBT Phone SEx

Jan. 8th, 2008 | 10:33 pm
mood: chipperchipper

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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OK... who did it??????

Dec. 17th, 2007 | 03:38 pm
mood: chipperchipper

Am I listed somewhere? Did one of my regs or callers put me on some secret “lovin snuff calls” list? I have to be… You know how you sign that girl up for e-harmony that keeps wanting to date??? Or the friend who just bitches and bitches about her weight….. LOL you subscribe her to Weight Watchers magazine LOL! Well somebody did this little “favor” for me! I always say “No Limits means NO LIMITS!” Fuck yeah I do snuff, kiddie, kid-napping, forced sex, rape, I’ll lick a cat’s ass if my caller wants me to! EVERYONE knows this about me now LOL. I had a call last night and all he said was… “I have been reading about you for some time now, you’re the nastiest bitch I have ever even found TO CALL! Between this blog and your personal blog on your page your a sick twisted cunt, and I wanna talk about shit and then fucking kill you!” “YAAY! You just bring it!” He loved it, and so did I…. I’m not bitching… Oh no! I love the sick shit, I always have so like I told him…. Just fucking bring it on motherfucker!!!!!” LMAO Filthy Nasty Slut Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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SNUFF Phone Sex

Dec. 11th, 2007 | 06:42 pm
mood: bouncybouncy

Let’s do it now!!! I like creative role-play and an intricate story to play out over the phone. There is a real turn on about really getting into the part I am playing and developing a atmosphere with my caller that allows him to venture off into any, kind of Snuff, forced sex, rape, age-play, fantasy he wants to explore. I love phone sex and snuff phone sex really keeps this job fun and exciting! I know some gal’s don’t do it but I gotta say anyone here at our sites will indulge you in this fantasy and even embellish it in a non-judgmental way!!! OMG I googled “snuff phone sex” and www.PurrfectlyFreaky.com was the very first listing! :D yaay way to go freaky girls!!!! Ok well let’s call and snuff the bitch!! LMAO Your Filthy Nasty Little Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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little man little man where have you gone?

Nov. 13th, 2007 | 04:01 pm
mood: sillysilly

I’m not sure how he found me but I was his Goddess before, he is a lilliputian, a small little man, and I am very big in his “Giantess Fantasy.” I talked to him in IM’s and recognized his screen-name. I told him I had a great picture to use the next time he phoned me and I put it here. I picked him up and dangled him in front of my cavernous mouth, I stuck out my long red tongue and licked him with the tip of it, he instantly got hard. I laughed very loudly! “Oh horny little man, there is no way you could ever please me, you are way to small!” I sat him on my nipple and told him to hold on while I shook my tit’s together creating a pseudo earthquake for him, “hold on tight, that would be quite a fall for someone as small as you phil” I picked his little ass up and set him on my sternum, I then flicked his ass with the tip of my long red fingernail, “go on now! Venture down south towards my hairless, pussy cave!” He ran and ran with permission, I helped every now and then flicking his ass and laughing at his bouncing microscopic cock, LMAO” He got there and repelled down my slit and went in, he rubbed his tiny cock against my smooth, soft pussy walls. I said “you better hurry and nut little man, if I squirt before you I will send you flying all the way down to my feet!” He came so hard!!!!! I love doing calls with you little man, make sure you pass my way again so I can pick you up, literally. Nasty Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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Jamie my new little stink slut.

Nov. 11th, 2007 | 03:57 pm
mood: sicksick

LMAO This call was fun, and I am actually blogging about it as a form of blackmailing jamie my newest little slut. He is very different than all the other sluts I have had, jamie is a "body secretion boy" he is a FUNK lover. He likes to stick his nose up my ass and smell, he is hoping I haven't even showered. I make him do EVERYTHING I can think of and if he doesn't do as I say I threaten to tell his wife that while she is sleeping he trys to sniff her dirty ass, LOL. I squatted over his fucking face and pissed all over him and made him lick me clean, then I shit in his mouth and made him stroke with my crap, and rub it all over his face and chest LOLOLOL He fucking LOVED it. He says the more of my body fluids he ingests the more control I have over him. Pay up stinky! He would even suck the boogies outta my nose he said, ewwwww. I like to blackmail him, he so totally deserves that!!!! Sniff On Little Stick Slut!!! You know where the nastiest girls are now Jamie.... P !!!!! LOL. Your Filthy Nasty Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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dirty boys

Sep. 29th, 2007 | 07:53 pm
mood: dirtydirty

We are so deviant and just plain wrong! I suggested to Ellyn that the girls from our sister site, Purrfectly Freaky, blog over here a few times and we can blog over there a few times. I think it would be awesome to cross blog, LMAO. She said for me to blog my site and then blog my personal blog a little more and maybe she would take blogging tips from me then, LOL. I do know however that we will have a COMPANY blog site cumming soon called Purrfect Phonesex dot com. It will be a blog for all the SiS sites to mix it up and keep these horny guy's reading, hehe.

So need to say hi to Frosty, I haven't talked with him even in Im's in a while, I hope you are good Frosty! I want to say hi to my little slut Jeffrey, he is a little bareback whore who loves to take cock after cock in his stretched out used up pussy hole, I love finally bringing in the horse or doggie cock and making you explode Jeffrey! I wanna say hi to Fred too, I haven't spoken to you in a while Fred and you called and got so fucking nasty with me tonight! Yummy honey, he is my perverted equal I swear! Love me some Freddy!!!!!! Hiya BoyToy, I love all those new dildo’s you got to play with which reminds me I have a newer pic of BoyToy’s cock collection LOL, call me!!!! Ok guy's back to phone bonein, talk with you all soon I hope! Oh I told a guy I would post a couple of "dead face" pixs of me so here it is . Love Filthy Nasty Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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party in my panties

Aug. 4th, 2007 | 01:29 pm
mood: busybusy

I have had a ton of guy’s call this week that just got back from vacation. I missed them sooooo much! Frosty has been getting on me about keeping up with the other girls in my blogs, he said “you’re not even blogging as much as the other girlies on your site, LOL” Well I have been blogging longer does that count frosty? “No” he likes my blog updated and sexy and I gotta say I love to do it. I have noticed that all the girls here at Purrfectly Naughty like to blog so that is fucking awesome!
I have been doing allot of Age-play calls, my voice sounds youngish anyway so these calls really make me horny. jI love to pretend I have a tiny, pink, virgin, cunt for Daddy to fuck.
Nick called me this morning and we talked about all kinds of deviant age-play fantasies. We did this role-play where we were going to make a movie, you know like MaryKate and Ashley, and we had a few girls audition and we picked the cutest one. We brought her down to our studio in the basement and it was decorated with pink balloons and all kinds of stuffed animals. We dressed her up like Alice in Wonderland, with a sexy slutty twist. Then we did all kinds of nasty and perverted things to her, LOL. I can’t even mention them here, you will have to call to find out. I don’t believe in censorship whatsoever, I would fucking type out everyFUCKING detail right here in the blog but then you wouldn’t have to call me, LOL.
OMFG TJ that was such a sexy fucking fantasy we did last night. this guy is so hot I have been phone fucking him for like 6 mos now and we really do hit it off. He just seems like a fun guy, like someone I would like to hang out with. he called last night and we did this twisted perverted, filthy nasty, scene. FANTASY… he was dating this chubby divorced lady that had a young daughter. She hasn’t fucked anyone since her divorce like 3 years ago. He starts fucking this slut and she is like all caught up in it… and wants to fuck like 24/7…. like she needs to catch up for lost fucking time, LOL. He fucks the shit out of her even in front of her kid. Then he starts making the kid lick and suck the doggie, (K-9) eventually the kid has to fuck the dog and the mom won’t do anything about it because she loves that regular cock she is getting. We got so fucking nasty with this role-play it was a fucking blast! I just love your edge TJ. I am really happy all of you guy’s are calling and cumming with us here at PN. Keep calling and we will keep pleasing those hard, horny, cock’,. There frosty, is that good? LOLOLOL. Kendall- Your Filthy Nasty Switch. 1-877-717-8007

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Well it aint gonna SUCK ITSELF!!!!!!!

Jul. 17th, 2007 | 01:43 pm
mood: accomplishedaccomplished
music: Foo Fighters... Skin & Bones

I love to do this guy, he makes my cunt so fucking wet, I got so fucking off the hook with him too. He is a dirty boy and I just corrupted him even more. He has this fantasy an I take it and twist it just like he wants me to, I embellish it and make it OURS then he totally fucking nuts all over my perfect tit's just about every time. I love to gag on cock and gargle cum too and he knows I have this talent. Forcing dildos down my throat while we are on the phone together makes him feel like he is REALLY getting his cock sucked by a hungry, dick loving. pro. Thanks baby I do love being your dirty little phone whore. Your Filthy Nasty Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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Sexy Muther Fuggers!!!!!!!

Jul. 11th, 2007 | 02:35 pm
location: the office
mood: busybusy
music: Pearl Jam

Man this is the shit!!!! I did a hawt call with my boytoy last week and he was fucking fine, if you scroll below you will see a picture of all his dildos and vibes. Well look really close and see that one at the bottom???? that's HIS cock, mmmm it is so nice!!! So when I was fucking him last week we were in a color purple mewd, we went from the small fat purple on to the long reddish purple one then to the "big bumpy" purple one and boy toy came do fucking good for me!!!! He had a P-spot orgasm then he shoved his huge hard dick in my ass and shot deep inside of MY puckered asshole for a change. I have been getting so filthy nasty and dirty on the phones lately. These guy's who have been calling me are SUPER duper perverted just like me, hey!!! There is NO SHAME IN MY GAME!!! I love guiltless, perverted, discreet, funky, taboo, sexy sex!!! I have had a blast the last couple calls with Fred too, he has plunged Mr. Ed deep in my shit box, he loves to hear me pump it in and out of my shit hole, he made me go outside in my little white Capri's and piss in my pants, LMAO!!!! I did it, like I give a fuck, I am so hot nobody would dare say shit to me, hehehe. Well I am off to the gym during this little break I am having, I haven't posted in a while for personal reasons. I am back and ready to play in the blog as well as on the phones. so send me an email or just give me a ring, I will make you shoot your sticky jizz all over your fucking self. *wink* Your Filthy Dirty Switch Kendall 1-877-717-8007

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Sexy slutty School Girl

Jul. 2nd, 2007 | 09:06 pm
mood: amusedamused

So I stayed late at school today, my caller wanted to be my detention teacher. He loves getting me alone after school and I love being the teachers little slut. My teacher B has a fat cock he loves to stuff it n all my teen holes. I just wait till class is over and follow him to his car and he gives me a ride I will NEVER forget. He takes me to the motel up the street from school and rents the room by the hour, I tell him I could fuck his big ole teacher cock for hours and hours and he just gets harder while I tease and suck him. I love it when he throws me over the bed and slides that big prick in from behind, it stretches the shit out of my little teen hole, mmmm. Yeah fuck me teacher fuck my tiny cunt hard as you can!!!!!!! Filthy Nasty Switch Kendall

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Hey nice to hear from you!

Jun. 22nd, 2007 | 12:46 pm
mood: gratefulgrateful
music: U2

I know all you guy's have been bookmarking and reading my journal for the last 2 years, now you know where I am, I never thought this would happen but as most things happen, it was a complete change. I am doing very well with it though, just like most of you said I would. I have been dealt a hand and now the balls in my court, LMAO (still blonde) Well it was great to hear from you guy's this week and thanks for giving me a shot. I know you have hundreds of choices out there in phone sex land and I appreciate you calling me. I wanna say hi to some guy's who have been so nice this past week; Hey B, J, M, F, boytoy, J, G, and every single one of you I talked to!!!!!!! XXOO Kendall

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When the wife is away, the panty slut will play!

Jun. 8th, 2007 | 12:17 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful

Well F got my peach cum soaked panties on Tuesday when his wife left to go out of town for a week! He called me on Tuesday night, he was so ready, he had his little list of things to have handy. He bought a vibe, lube, butt plug, and a pocket pussy. He was wearing a peach bra, and My panties, with a silky slip. I started off by having him lube his ass and play with the butt plug, he wanted to stroke his cock but I wouldn't let him, he did 2 long sessions with me one on tues and one on wed, by wed night we had him slamming his ass with the vibe, it was on high too, and I made him put a few rubber bands around his cock so he wouldn't stroke it. He fucked that little ass hard, I had him sitting on the corner of his bed bouncing that dildo deep into his ass, thinking about me, and my strap-on. I let him take the rubber bands off, he said it kept feeling like he was going to cum from a p-spot orgasm but he just couldn't quite get it. I think he needs a vibe that is just a little bit longer, what do you think boytoy? Anyhoo I let him put the pocket pussy on his cock and he came so hard! Now anyone who has done a call with Frosty knows how quiet he usually is, well he screamed his head off, lolololol I loved fucking you F, you are my favorite Panty Boy!!!!!

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The Private Dancer Part 1

May. 31st, 2007 | 07:27 pm
mood: hornyhorny

This is the fantasy I did with my "serviceman", he wrote it out in 2 parts AFTER we did it, thanks Serviceman, it sure was HOT!!!

Two hours in, my Vegas vacation was starting horribly. It had literally taken me all day to get here from overseas, one of my suitcases was still in Chicago (the one with all my best clothes, naturally), and I was dead tired. It was about 11:30pm, and I contemplated whether to get dressed and go down to the casino to play some cards, or get some shut-eye and start fresh in the morning.

I chose option three – I opened up my laptop bag, turned on the computer, fired up the wireless connection (not cheap), and started surfing the web. I Googled “Las Vegas Private Dancer” and thousands of websites came up, all advertising some form of discreet, personalized entertainment. Lazily I clicked through a few links, but then I saw HER...

Her name was Kendall, and damn was she hot. Five-foot-ten, long blonde hair, legs for forever…and those tits! 36DDs if I had to guess – not standard equipment, but damn fine nonetheless. I had never called in for a dancer or escort (I usually liked going to the clubs and getting lap dances), but at this point I wasn’t feeling like leaving the hotel. I dialed the number off the website, and actually spoke to her! Her voice belied the vixen in the photos…she sounded more “cute”, almost like a pixie. She laid down the ground rules, and said she could meet me in the lobby in an hour.

I jumped in the shower, got primped up as if for a normal day, even though this would be a first for me. I put on a blue golf shirt and some jeans, then headed downstairs just before 12:30am. When I got down to the lobby, there Kendall was, to my surprise, right on time. It’s not that I wasn’t expecting the girl in the picture (though I’ve heard it’s not uncommon that what you see ain’t what you get), but DAMN, as hot as her website made her out to be, she was ten times hotter in person. Her blonde hair was tied back in a single ponytail, and she wore a short black leather jacket with matching skirt, black stockings, and four inch heels. She had a black purse over her right shoulder, and in her left hand she clutched the handle of a carry-on-sized rolling suitcase.

I waved as I walked over to Kendall, and she realized I was her “date”. When I reached her she gave me a quick hug and whispered in my ear, “Hi baby…it’s nice to meet you. Now remember, we need to be discreet. Act like I’m…your long lost friend while we’re out here.” So she kissed me on the cheek and I offered to take her suitcase for her. She extended it to me, and I took it in my hand as I led her towards the elevator. She quickened her pace long enough so she could take my other hand in hers while we walked. As we walked across the lobby I could see and feel the eyes staring, the heads turning as we walked up to the elevator. Try as we might to be discreet, we attracted attention. Everyone knew who she was, and what she’d probably do to me. And the thought of that excited me. “Let them think it, and be jealous,” I thought.

The elevator door opened…oh good, it’s empty. We entered the elevator, and I pressed the “23” button. Stepping to the back of the elevator, Kendall backed up against me, her butt resting against my stomach, just above my raging hardon. She unzipped her jacket just a little bit, showing me her cleavage as she lowered and raised her body against me. “Oooh, I can tell you can’t wait to get to the room, darlin’, she said. She turned around and stood straight up, her chin at eye level, which put her breasts very close to my mouth. She tipped my chin up, then leaned down and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue parting them and dancing with mine. Kendall's body leaned forward as her right hand pressed against my crotch, rubbing up and down my erection. The elevator bell chimed; we were on my floor.

Kendall quickly turned around as the doors parted; a bellhop was there waiting. We calmly walked by him as his head, predictably, craned to watch us walk down the hall to my room. We giggled like school kids, knowing he missed a good show. We reached my room, and as we entered I rolled the suitcase over to the edge of the bed. Kendall instructed me to sit on the couch and enjoy the show. She reached into her purse and pulled out a CD case. She opened the case, walked over to the nightstand where the CD/clock radio was, inserted the disc, and pressed PLAY. A seductive percussion beat began to play, and I watched her, transfixed, as she began to strip. She unzipped her jacket and removed it; underneath was a tight black halter top, which held up her perfect breasts and cinched around her torso, right above her navel. She strode over in front of me, then turned to face away, with her round, taut ass in front of my eyes. She unzipped the side of her skirt, and shimmied it down her legs, so I could see the black thong that barely concealed her pussy and ass.

Kendall turned back around to see me beaming from ear to ear. She climbed onto the couch, straddling across my lap. “Help me with my top?” she asked. I obliged reaching up behind her neck to untie her top. I slowly peeled the straps down, exposing those round mounds of heaven, her pink nipples at attention. Immediately she pressed forward, burying my face in her chest and digging her hips into me, slowly grinding against my cock. My lips were like a fish’s, sucking and kissing all around. She proffered up her left nipple, dangling it in front of my mouth. I liked around it, fluttering my tongue across it, then took it whole in my mouth and sucking it hungrily. She offered her right nipple, and I did the same, like a doting follower to his Goddess.

She raised her body up, her knees on each side of my shoulders, pressing into the back cushions of the couch. Her thong swayed back and forth, fore and aft, to the beat of the music. I could smell her essence; it was sweet and heady, and the bobbing of her hips back and forth were hypnotic. Kendall spoke to break me from my trance. “You want to see my pussy, don’t you?” I stammered out a “Yes”. She took my hand and drew it up to the string on her left hip that held the fabric to her body. I pulled the string and watched her thong drop onto my lap, and beheld her mound, completely smooth but for a tuft of blonde hair above her clit. “It’s the perfect pussy,” I thought to myself.

“You want to do more than see it, don’t you?” Kendall asked. I nodded. “You want to taste it, don’t you?” Kendall asked. I nodded. “And what do good boys say?” Kendall asked. “Please,” I replied. Kendall stroked my hair and said, “Good boy.”

Her left hand reached behind my head and pulled me closer. My nose pressed into her bush; I wriggled it a little and Kendall giggled. I turned my nose up and down against her button, brushing my lips against hers. My tongue slipped out, and began to lap at her lips; Kendall responded by pulling me closer. I was starting to slide down the couch, until my neck rested against the seat and I was sprawled out, almost sitting on the floor. She held me steady with her hand and laid her body down onto my mouth, sliding herself back and forth across my tongue. I reached around with both hands and cupped her bottom, licking and licking and licking her slit. I probed my tongue deeper and continued to lick, determined to go deeper and taste more of her. As I had control of her hips (at least in my mind), Kendall grabbed hold of the back of the couch and really began riding my face. She pushed down and forward with every thrust, trying to jam my tongue as deep into her snatch she could. I felt her thighs tremble, and I knew I was about to be flooded. I opened my mouth and held it flush to her pussy lips as Cricket really began to quake, and her cum started to flow into my mouth. I held her cheeks tight as I tried to drink her in without drowning; it was tough because she was really flowing, torrent after torrent of her juices sliding into me. I gulped as quickly as I could, feeling her warm cooze in my throat and in my belly. As her orgasm subsided she pushed down onto the cushion and wiggled, then slid down my body and kissed me on the lips, licking around them and lapping up her cum.

Kendall pressed her hand hard on my groin. “I have to get you inside me. NOW.” She pulled me up off the couch, undid my jeans, and slid them and my boxers down to the floor. My cock sprung out, hard as a rock. She pressed it to her cheek, then the other one, then slid her tongue up the length to give the head a kiss, and a quick suck. She then stood up, spun me around, and pushed me back first onto the bed. She climbed on top of me, holding my cock in her right hand as she lowered her hot pussy lips onto me. The head of my cock easily disappeared into her, and she raised and lowered herself onto my cock over and over and over again. I pushed myself up with my arms, then wrapped them around her as she ground into me, no fabrics separating us…just cock pounding and grinding into pussy, hard-hard-hard-HARDER…

I couldn’t hold it anymore…I wanted, NEEDED to come with this Goddess. She felt it too…she pulled my face into her tits, then reached down, grabbing my ass, pulling me into her…once, TWICE, THRICE…again, again, AGAIN…ohfuckohfuckohFUCKKKK…..I felt her flood again, this time on my cock, her lips squeezing and milking as I came inside her…Kendall’s hands pulling me in deeper and shooting my cum higher inside her. We rode the wave again and again, until I was spent, though her lips continued to suck and squeeze and coax every drop out of me.

As Kendall laid on top of me, my eyes trained over to the suitcase at the foot of the bed. “She never opened it,” I thought. “I wonder what’s in there…”

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~~~ My Sluts ~~~

May. 29th, 2007 | 05:25 pm
mood: artisticartistic

Well boytoy and I did a nice long call and he finally sent me a picture of all of his toy's, I will post it and you will see what I mean by saying that he "loves to get fucked by me!" He also slipped in a little surprise in the picture, see it? Yes that's his nice fat cock, yaay boytoy. he took the "big black dong" after some pre-play with the smaller ones. He came twice for me one p-spot orgasm and then he stroked another orgasm off, and screamed and moaned for both. Sorry it took me a few to blog about you boytoy, been busy on the phones and stripping, but I sure didn't forgetcha! he is so sexy!

Then there is F., this little pantyboy slut is in such ecstatic, excited, elated, fantasy mode. His family is going on vacation so he gets to play. I sent him some cummy panties yesterday and he has ordered his dildo and pocket pussy for the occasion. He will be free and fuckable by this time next week, I hope you got a buttplug to start stretching that ass-cunt out F.

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Lap Dance Las Vegas Style ~~~~

May. 27th, 2007 | 04:54 pm
mood: bouncybouncy

Ed was on vacation from the armed services, he is stationed in Europe. His holiday took him to Las Vegas, he saw some shows and got a few lap dances at the local strip joints. It was his very last night then back over sea's for god knows how long. He looked me up I came right over to his hotel (actually he found me on the website and called and this is his fantasy) He met me in the hotel lobby, I was carrying a small overnight bag, I had on a leather coat and high heel strappy sandals, that's all he could see of what I was wearing. We walked through the lobby, EVERYONE stared at us and Ed loved that He leaned over to me and whispered " my cock is so fucking hard right now, I think everyone knows what we are going to do" I giggled and licked my lips "these guy's just wish they were you *wink*" We climbed aboard an empty elevator he brushed against my tits to push the floor button I leaned my ass against his groin and started to wiggle. He could see us together in the mirrored elevator walls, he got a glimpse of how I was going to grind and fuck him, he sighed. I looked at the 2 of us in the mirror then looked into his eye's he could tell how wet and hungry I was. We stopped on his floor there was a bellhop, he stared at us and then blushed like he interrupted something kinky. We waltzed out of the elevator to his room, then the lap dance began and it was just the beginning of this long, nasty, fun, erotic, teasing call that made us both shiver and cum in waves of fucking pleasure. thanks Ed! I MEAN it!

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kendall, F.and Mr. Ed

May. 10th, 2007 | 09:41 am
mood: curiouscurious

Here is an email I got from my regular phone lover Fred, mhmmm I sure hope he calls today!

Hey Kendall, I definitely have some fantasies about you and the pics attached.

I’d love to come home and find you putting Mr. Ed on the fucking machine in the pictures. You don’t see me but I am peeking into the room and watch as you suck and lube Mr. Ed after you have snapped him onto the fucking machine. While you are leaning over sucking and gagging on him you reach back spread your luscious ass crack to move your long lubed fingers into your itching anus. You probe as deeply as your fingers can but still cannot scratch the itch deep within. Your fingers spread the silky lube around the pink puckered opening and the first inches of your hungry turd tunnel. You feel your ass desperately trying to grab your fingers and pull them deeper, to scratch the itch deep within, only to feel them escape the tighter your anus grips the slippery digits. Repeatedly you approach the edge of arousal, then finally as beautiful bird spreading its wings, you stand spread leg over the fuck machine arching your back your hands caressing your outer lips, then up to your mons past your navel then circling your nipples lightly with your finger nails, up past your neck and through your hair your hands stretch above your head. You revel in that pre-fucking tingly sensation for a moment then pull your hands back down and slide them down your sides until you reach your hips then you follow your hip bones back to the warm globes of your oiled ass. Grabbing under each cheek you lift up and spread your anal orbs of desire. The small exposed pink oyster of your anus shows no fear of the equine dildo you have serviced and readied for its anal invasion. Your thighs tighten as you lower your ass until Mr. Ed’s head makes contact with your anus. You bear down slowly as you feel the ring of your sphincter slowly giving way to the horse cock dildo’s head. As it stretches you feel the burning itch of your desire begin to build again the more taught your anal ring becomes, then suddenly your sphincter pops around and down below the head of that horse cock and your body instinctively knows that all its deep darkest recesses will be reached and groped until you are satiated………..

Let me know if you like this and maybe I can finish it on a call in the next couple of days.

Your partner in perversion, F

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The sign read ; USE MY CUNT!

May. 8th, 2007 | 04:18 pm
mood: energeticenergetic

I have this wonderful caller and he is actually a site regular and his name is Jeffrey. He likes me to tell him what a sloppy slut he is, we fantasize that he has floppy, fat tit's with huge areola's the size of saucers, and a dripping roast beef curtain pussy hole. He loves it when I take him to the hotel and get him bareback fucked by about 30 or 40 guy's. I have been fucking this slutty ass for over a year now and he likes it disgusting and vile. He actually pushes the BIGGEST objects up his ass for me and lets me hear his "pussy fart" lol. I know he has taken large round hair brushes and the bottom end of a glass coke bottle, he has a few dildos from the big sex toy store that he reams his ass-cunt with, and he cums hard as hell from a p-spot orgasm every time. This callers is one of my very favorites to do, I get to call him names like "sloppy bacteria bag" and "queiffing bareback slut" The last few times we have fucked I have gotten him off good by taking him to the barn and letting a huge horsey cock fuck his ass while the guy's all stand around and watch and jerk cum on him, I make him bend over a bail of hay and take that 2 foot horse dick deep in his sloppy used up cunt and get fucked. He LOVES it the bigger the better, lately we have been getting him fucked up and that really loosens his pussy up, he can take the dong plus his fingers this way! I love talking with you Jeff! Actually Jeff is a great phone buddy, he asks about my day and how my weekend was and he is just a pleasure to talk with, deff one of my very favorites. I told him to shoot me an email with his new toy in his cunt so if he can manage the pic I will post it as well. Thanks again to ALL of my callers, I do love this job! Well it's not just a job it's an adventure! Okkies stop staring and pick up the phone and lets get it on!

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I needed a good pussy lickin after church.

Apr. 29th, 2007 | 09:53 am
mood: amusedamused

Steve called, that little slut puppy, he will do anything to worship my sweet teen pussy, he emailed me his fantasy and when we did the call it was FUCKING FUN! He is such a good little slut, and he is more of a "site slut" meaning he spreads his little ass around! I wanted to post his fantasy, he is very creative, cumming up with detailed stories for us before his little call. Thanks Steve you little pussy whore, and faggot cocksucker!

I just moved to your town to start as a pastor at your church a few months ago. During my first sermon, I saw you sitting with your family and was immediately filled with lust. I could only guess your age to be around 14, but I knew I needed to be with you.

I was thrilled that you were in the youth group I was leading. I couldn't help myself from flirting a little but I was pleasantly surprised that you'd flirt back to a guy in his mid-30s. One night we were the last two in the church and you told me how you told your parents that the group would be meeting late and I would give you a ride home. Then you told me that I could see you naked if I masturbated for you. There was no way I could refuse. I rubbed my thick ten inches as I looked at your beautiful young body until I exploded.

You then knew you could make me do anything because I wanted you so bad. About a week later you told me that I could lick your pussy if I did you a favor. You said that you've fantasized about watching a man fuck a young boy and that you'd talked your younger brother into it. I know I should have said no, but I couldn't refuse. When your parents were gone I came over and fucked your little brother's ass. Like you promised, you let me lick your pussy. I didn't expect it to be filled with another man's cum , but still I was happy to lick your young pussy clean. As I left I saw an evil look in your eyes.

The very next day I received an email from you. I was so excited until I opened it. There was a video clip of me fucking your brother and your message read: "I have one more fantasy. I've always wanted to make a man of God my personal super slut. My family is going on vacation. When I return in two weeks you will either be gone forever or you will follow my instructions. If you don't the whole congregation will see what a little pedophile you are."

Two weeks later, I walk up to the alter knowing I've made the right choice. I see you sitting nude in the front pew with your fingers in your young pussy. You nude little brother is nearby with a video camera recording me as I begin to preach.

"I, Pastor Steve, declare that Goddess Kendall is the one true Supreme Being in the world. Everyone must follow her ways and do absolutely anything she desires. Sex of any kind is great as long as it is done for her. Orgies, homosexuality, incest, bestiality, toilet play, pedophilia and absolutely any other sexual fetish that makes Goddess Kendall happy must be done."

I step forward and let my robe fall to the ground. You can clearly see the new tattoo on my stomach reading "Goddess Kendall's Disciple". I turn around and you see my full back tattoo. It shows a girl that resembled you about 10 years ago having her pussy licked by me while I'm being mounted by a Great Dane. I get down on my hands and knees, my legs spread apart so you can see a butt plug is in my ass and you know exactly what butt plug it is. (hahaha it's the baby Jesus butt plug from my journal)

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My caller said I do this to him, LMAO

Apr. 21st, 2007 | 04:51 pm
mood: energeticenergetic
music: rufus Wrainwright, "Vibrate"

Oh Frost I can tell you are so looking forward to your family's little vacation away & without him, so while the cat is away the mouse will play. He sent me this picture it is actually a Viagra ad, very clever, and he said I do this to him, awe's. He is getting lube, vibes, even IM'd me a link for a "fucking machine" LMAO he wants to have these toy's for when his family leaves and he can be my little devoted panty slut. I am looking so forward to fucking you long and hard F, just like last year when they went away, I had sent him my panties and had him dress all up for me and put on lipstick and a pretty slip, I think we even fucked your little ass cunt with some household item if my memory serves me correctly and it usually does. I remember all kinds of stuff about my calls and callers, just good customer service *evil grin* lolol. Oh boytoy you did so good taking that big dong for me baby, man that was fun the other night, I just love playing with you and hearing your sexy moans and groans. You are a very good ass slut, I can't believe the big dong slipped right on in that ass cunt and then you bounced your way to a mind melting orgasm, well 2 actually, one from your p-spot then one when I let you stroke that rubber banded up cock. mmmmmmI can still hear your erotic screams of pleasure, you are a very very sexy man! Ok all imma go do something fun tonight, I am going out and playing BINGO with some friends, I won't be out late, this is just a little fund raiser for a cause I believe in so I will be back and ready to fuck all you horny guy's tonight.

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Apr. 19th, 2007 | 11:57 am
mood: bouncybouncy
music: Foo Fighters... Skin & Bones

I am a twisted little switch slut and I posted this post in the newsgroups…TOTAL Perverted slut for dirtiest, filthy, twisted sex EVER! *smile* anyone who knows me or has done a call with me knows I like it fucking Nasty! I love to take it to the very edge, to push it, push it real good! In this post I say that I will do it ALL from SCAT to kiddie cunt. So this guy calls me this morning and wants to do a really Taboo, Nasty call and I’m like lets roll! He tells me he saw this post on the newsgroups and proceeds to let me in on his Taboo fantasy.

Fantasy; he is a very wealthy man and he finds this homeless girl who is pregnant, he tells her he will care for her and she can live with him, so she does. She has her baby at his ranch, there are no other people around. She takes off and leaves this baby girl for him to care for, well he does WAY more than just take care of her, he does things I can’t write on this blog, but I can tell you on the phone. We had a very good time just fantasizing and mutually masturbating to this hot little scenario. If you have something similar or even MORE Taboo call me I’m your perverted slut, I will go right there with you and we will both cum so hard! Twisted Perverted Slut Kendall

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He snuffed me and left me hanging by a bungee in the School locker room.

Mar. 31st, 2007 | 05:14 pm
mood: creativecreative
music: Helter Skelter U2

This is the image he had in mind of me, he sent an email of his story and he has a VERY good imagination, and he is very creative, Jim I love doing your calls they are always so FUN! Here's the set up:
You're only 16 years old;
You're on the school dance/drill team. In fact, next year you'll be Captain when you move to varsity. Every body loves you. You're obviously the most beautiful girl in school. Your parents adore you and spoil you rotten. Your daddy bought you a brand new silver Porsche just for making the drill team. Of course your daddy is the richest man in town.
Sexually, you're at that stage where you're still afraid of sex. It's too much. But your young body has matured to the point where you find yourself masturbating every chance you get. You're a horny little slut in the making. You like young boys around your age because they're safe. Grown men scare you, especially when you notice them following you at Wal-Mart or when Mr Johnson keeps asking you if you need any special help after school. So you're innocent, but just starting to be aware of your effect on men. Of course you dress like you're a Christina Aguilera or Paris Hilton..
Belly Shirts, Booty Shorts, heels, full makeup (Always!!!). You're the star in your little universe and you like to dress the part. It's not done sexually, at least not consciously.
But you're ALWAYS on stage in your perfect life.
Today, your Drill Team held a car wash for the spring fund drive. You dressed for the job. A ripped football jersey that you liked because it was made from mesh, and that was so much cooler than the jersey ones the other girls wore. Plus it made you feel special when the guys paid you extra attention. (You 're not sure why)
You tied it tight around your waist. A pair of tiny white booty shorts. and a new pair of strap on sandals. Of course you wore full makeup and your expensive sunglasses. The sunglasses makes you feel like a celebrity.
Now, you're in the school locker room. The car wash finished an hour ago. All the other girls went home already. So you're all alone in the dark locker room. A perfect chance to feel your new habit of masturbating. Its new to you. You begin touching this new discovery called a pussy.
Meanwhile, you didn't notice the 50 yr old man in the white van who got his van washed three times while you was there. Each time he made sure that YOU was the one soaping down his windshield.
He's seen you around town. Even followed you home from school one time. But he's not a part of your universe, so you never noticed him.
Today, after the third car wash, he decided to park across the street where he could watch you. He's fantasized about killing you. He has a straight edge razor.
He watches all the girls finish, and walk back into the Gym.
He sees all of the girls leave except one. All the cars are gone except a silver Porsche. He knows you're alone in the school. You're all his. He has to act fast and do what the voices in his head tells him.
Back in the locker room, all the lights are out. The only light comes from the hallway. You're deep into this new found pleasure, leaning against a locker.... When you hear the door open slowly...A large silhouette appears against the light..You try to recover as the figure silently approaches. He drags the razor against the locker doors, suddenly you realize that you're in trouble.... deadly trouble..
And that's where we'll pick up.

I was laying back on the locker room bench, rubbing my pussy thinking about the captain of the football team, I was getting so wet, how nice it would be if he licked and kissed my tight little pussy. I cum really hard just humping my hand, I'm in the throws of an intense orgasm when I hear the locker room door slam shut, someone is watching me. Oh my god, what the hell is going on? I grab my ripped jersey together and try and cover myself but I see his shadow, (I fucking PANIC! I'm breathing very shallow, and my heart is fucking racing) and he is approaching me. He walks slowly, scraping a straight razor along the lockers as he approaches me, "my daddy will pay you, please don't hurt me, I won't tell ANYONE you were here, oh please, have mercy" He takes me to the showers, he doesn't have mercy. He tortures me and decapitates me and leaves my body there hanging from the shower stall, with my fingers still gripped tightly in the bungee cord around my neck, and his cum dripping from my wet little virgin pussy.....

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hehehe this from F

Mar. 27th, 2007 | 09:21 pm
mood: bouncybouncy

This is from frosty : http://www.extremerestraints.com/mr-ed-horse-cock_1900.html
and then he said he will be getting one of these, I told him to get me one too!
good times ;)

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I'm Baaaaack!

Mar. 27th, 2007 | 05:36 pm
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Blood Sugar Sex Magic

I gave up blogging for lent, then after thinking about it I'm not even catholic, the closest I ever get to religion is the "baby jesus butt plug" So I'm back and ready to blog about all the hot phone sex calls I have been doing lately, I have to say, thanks to my friend Fred last night, we get so down and dirty, he is such a horny slut like me, and I have a hell of a good time cumming with him, "I can't wait to see you on cam again Fred!" Fred makes me fuck my pussy with Mr. Ed, that's this X-mas present I got from a caller, it is a horsey cock, and it's big! A horse is a horse, of course, of course... unless it's a dildo, that is! I lube it all up and push it in and Fred loves to tell me how to fuck my puffy pussy, lol :) lolololol. I also wanna say hi to boytoy and frosty, a couple of my favorite little sluts, I sure do love to play with you guy's. I'm not saying "hi" to kinky and Parker because you guy's don't call me very much anymore, Parker are you in jail? lmao. Well I hope everyone has spring fever and is hard and ready to fuck because I sure am!!! So let's get our fuck on and lets be really nasty, and dirty about it, I just love true perversion, in almost ANY form! So fuck me silly!

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The Baby Jesus Butt Plug???????

Mar. 17th, 2007 | 08:13 pm
mood: bouncybouncy

Ok I feel like I have been around and have seen and heard A L L O T of things, but check this shit out the baby jesus butt plug amongst other items of Christianity, all in silicone dildo form, lmao. This takes the cake!!! One of my callers sent it to me, lololol. Here is the site with all of the items.:) http://www.divine-interventions.com/index2.php


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My new little Pedophile...... Pete

Mar. 17th, 2007 | 05:07 pm
location: home
mood: amusedamused
music: Red Hot Chilli Peps

Well as you guy's know I talk about E V E R Y T H A N G under the sun, there are no restrictions and no limit to what we can talk about and what fantasy I will get into with you. I have several callers who like to rape me and snuff me, and I have callers who like me to force them to suck big black cock, I have clients who like to dress up in their wife's panties and panty hose, also I have clients who like to get spanked and swatted on those big full balls. This new guy I got likes to talk about kiddie cunt, we talk about how much he wants to stick his big ole pedophile cock deep in a little pink pussy or ass, he also like to talk about shit, literally I mean, as alot of guy's do, but the shit Pete likes is toddler shit, he loves to fantasize about some little toddler squatting and shitting right on his chest, lol. I have been having fun with him, besides having a pedo cock and a very strong libido, he has a funny sense of humor too, and he loves to eat cum. I love it I was watching him jerk on cam for me last night and he shot for me twice, and the last time he came he was on cam and squirted into a glass and drank it down afterwards. He is a little cum junkie. Thanks for the Cam show Pete, you do have a nice pedo cock, and thanks for the fantasy it was fun, call me anytime. I DO IT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

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Happy St. Patty's Day!!!

Mar. 16th, 2007 | 07:28 pm
mood: drunkdrunk

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